WordPress for Your Website – Tutorial #1

This is a wordpress tutorial for users who have installed wordpress on their website.
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  1. Hi ChristineMarie, I was watching your video on how to set up a wordpress website but it stopped in the middle…do you have any others…it’s seems to be easy to follow. Thank you for your help. Sheryl

  2. ok sooo im an artist and i want an online gallery, I can see that building websites is mainly about organizing information and displaying it « correctly » through a website but for one like me I WANT SOMETHING VISUALLY EASY TO USE, not coding and not textbox, the closest thing iv come across is IWEB but since i made a move from APPLE -> shitty PC i find it harder to work with anyone have ideas ?

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  4. heheh, this video isn’t just the highest rated because it’s hosted by cute young woman, also GJ on this tutorial i wish i could find part 2 its been quite useful.

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  7. Damn, you guys are a bunch of douchebags. Try coming with something constructive, or if you’re going to be an asshole, don’t say anything at all and move on to the next video.

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