Trouver , installer et paramétrer des extensions sous WordPress

Trouver , installer et paramétrer des extensions sous WordPress Les autres vidéos de la formation sont disponibles sur :
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How to Install WordPress into computer Updated 3.3 with Wamp server « install wordpress in local computer »
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  1. @MultiFunnyfrack
    It runs from offline. If you are hosting website, ask your technical support to install the wordpress script into your server.

  2. @MultiFunnyfrack
    Unstall the wamp server 2.2 through change or remove programs. and then
    delete the folder called wamp in c:drive.
    You may restart the computer.
    Now you can follow the instructions as seen in the video.

  3. @MultiFunnyfrack
    If you are using Windows xp. it will have a folder named « wamp » into program files folder. delete that folder after uninstalled and then follow the instruction as you seen in the video above. it will be perfectly re-installed.

    If any problem persists, feel free to ask me.

  4. @loyaus i,ve got a question. umm once i published the site. i tryed to go on it a few minutes later band something went worng and i tryed to intall it again but i would not do anything…HELP

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