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  1. @MegaLeslie05 Thank you sooo much for noticing all the hard work i’m putting into this new fresh start!! I’m enjoying every minute of it! You can look forward to more from me :D

  2. Adriene! I still love your videos. :) The only question I have is I dunno if it’s your background… but the videos are coming out a little bit more yellow-y than before… :(

  3. I love the editing words you use in between! They’re very helpful, plus it makes you stand out from all the gurus. I’ve been watching you for over a year now :) I’m glad you made a new channel. I really love what you’re doing with your new channel! Keep up the hard work & thank you for all that you do :)

  4. @Sakura1718 Im a NC 40 in Mac foundations and i’m going to be doing a foundation routine soon so you’ll see what i use. I might also make a blogpost on all the foundations i have and in what colors! Is that something you’d be interested in? :]

  5. @XxxyurinasanxxX Thanks for your opinion, but i personally liked this format. This channel is going to be more about me and what i like. Not to sound like i don’t care what you all think because i do, but i realized i lost my channel long before it was deactivated. I wasn’t doing videos that I wanted to do, i was doing everything everyone else told me or what they wanted me to do. This time it will be different, it’s all me baby! :D

  6. nice vid :) )… umm what foundation do you use?? I have the same skin tone as you as i am from the Philippines :) and i find it so hard to find the right foundation color… please help. <3

  7. i like the way she hade the editing words in between :) its different from other videos that i watch ! keep up the good work Adrian <3 its funny to my everyday eye makeup is very similar i just have eyeliner on my bottom water line :)  haha

  8. Just an honest opinion, i don’t really like the editing words in between the vids, i think it would have been much better for you to just do a voice over whilst you are fast forwarding that step, if you know what i mean. Just my own opinion, and so glad to see your first beauty vid on your new channel!~~ ^^

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