♥ Guide to Graves [League of Legends]

♥ Spazie’s guide to Graves ♥ ——————————————— Just about everything you need to know about this insane burst mid ranged champion of mega-gun-ness! (that’s not a word). ——————————————— ♥ Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com ♥ Follow me on Facebook: www.facebook.com ——————————————— Background music used in the video: longzijun.wordpress.com « Happy Virus » By longzijun (used with permission)

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31 réflexions au sujet de « ♥ Guide to Graves [League of Legends] »

  1. nice guide liked the vid! :D you could have put in the voice of graves at the end of the vid (the actual in game voice) just a small suggestion :D anyways subbed :)

  2. I honestly think your guilds are so much better then other video makers out there, including phreak. All phreak does is plays every champion as a jungler :/

    Great work!!!

  3. @Turneriluz
    That’s awesome to hear! :)
    I have just recently switched my runes to the ones I am showing off in this video. Admg has a more usefullness in securing a good laning phase in terms of poking and creep killing and if you need armor pen lategame a last whisper will sort you out. The runepage you see in this video is the one I am using to almost all my carries atm. Including Vayne. If you havn’t, check out my guide to Vayne on my channel page ;)

  4. hey…. I enjoyed your vids and just subscribed :)
    anyway I have a question
    I as the AD carry in my team and im wondering about runes… what you think is better: armorp or attdmg marks?
    and what is your setup to Vayne?

  5. I really enjoy your guides, their funny and creative but still very informative. Are you going to make guides for other types of champs to? (I do know that you love AD, but still) Keep up the good work!

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