What is wordpress

WordPress video tutorial on step by step set up of installing and creating a wordpress blog or website. These 24 easy to follow step by step videos will show you how to get started with WordPress. Even includes recommended plugins to get your WordPress website ranked fast on Google. Instant Access: Learnaboutwordpress.com

In this video we will Install WordPress and show you how to make a website from scratch in this step-by-step instructional WordPress tutorial. === RELATED VIDEOS === Part 1 – « How to Get a Domain Name » www.youtube.com Part 2 – « Get the Best Cheap Web Hosting » www.youtube.com Base Configuration Admin nickname: The author of blog posts Admin email: This address is used for admin purposes, like new user notification. Site name: Appears as the heading of most wordpress templates. Description: Appears as the tagline of most wordpress templates. === LET’S STAY IN TOUCH === Website – www.drefficiency.com Visit for fresh content! Twitter – http Follow me! Youtube – youtube.com Subscribe for Updates! Email – dr@drefficiency.com Email me for…anything! Tags: how to create a website how to create a website online how to make a website how to make a business website how to make a business website online how to build a website how to build a business website how to build a business website online how to create a business website business web site development website builder web site builder cheap domain « how to make a website » web hosting domain web hosting low cost web hosting small business web hosting how to make a blog page, how to install wordpress, wordpress blog tutorial, how to create a blog wordpress, how to design a wordpress blog, making a blog website

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  1. hey there, i’ve registered with BIG ROCK.IN

    they have an option for Single Domain Hosting, does that mean i’m stuck with just one website? suppose i think of a few more in the future, would i have to buy more web hosting space?

    having said that, they also offer something called « Unlimited Sub Domains » , what does that mean?


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