Make eyeballs for your prop

Detailed tutorial how-to make realistic eyeballs for a Halloween or other props. Produced by Jason Dasti and Melissa McKnight. Visit for more Do It Yourself ideas and Homemade props.
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Learn how to play Serious Sam HD online using VPN program Tunngle with the Teknogods loader! Note: Yes, if you update game to latest version, there is a coop and deathmatch server, but I was not able to get it to work with my 2 PC setup. If you can make it work, then you can skip this tutorial video. This video is based on the default install version with Teknogods. Use my files if you are having issues. Use 7-zip, and extract the contents of the file into your BIN folder (this is for version 1.00 only): Download Teknogods file: Blog: Tunngle

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50 réflexions au sujet de « Make eyeballs for your prop »

  1. Titled « Make eyeballs for your prop »…it should be called « Make veining in pre-purchased acrylic eyes »…

    Where’d you buy the eyeballs, man?

  2. Hey,serious sam 3 has LAN option but with tunngle i cant see any server and there is a lot of people plaing it(not sure if plaing) do you know what is it?

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