How to make a Christmas Tree in Blender 2.6

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25 réflexions au sujet de « How to make a Christmas Tree in Blender 2.6 »

  1. @d3sertst0rm I have version 2.59, but when you hit Shift-A to add a curve, I don’t get the option to add tree. By the way i appreciate you replying to my comment :)

  2. @wally3331 well 2.5.9 and above yes. Because Sapling only comes with that. But since Blender’s free and is a small file size there’s no reason not to upgrade ;)

  3. I really needed this, thanks. I am doing sort of a chrsitmas model home (I don’t have a proper name for the project) and I want to add a Christmas tree inside it. The tree you’ve made was quite good, looks kind of healthy and fresh from the ground.

  4. not bad but disable the waterdrop clicking effect..
    where when you click it looks like a water drop touching the screen its distracting.
    also disable the clicking sound.. other than that, not bad.. 

  5. @yunow77 ohh sorry about that poart at 10:50 that’s pretty bad… the editing software does it on it’s own. What do you mean about the random selection though? thanks for the tips though

  6. Good tutorial, some tips.

    1- Stop de click sound (or click less)
    2- Try to record again with the random selection. It is not goot to see samething not working.
    3- Some parts, the zoom doesnt show anything (ej 10:50)

    Grate addon to.

  7. @d3sertst0rm Just checked, I think it’s called SmartFocus. I will just disable it from the option for now. Unchecking « Apply SmartFocus to clips added », hopefully this fixes it.

    You got blogger too? We can connect and talk Blender in the future.

  8. Website is a good idea! You can just use Blogger, it’s actually good and easy to post, work nicely with YouTube.

    I bought Camtasia Pro too recently. Used to just use Camstudio, but then finally switch to Camtasia. The zoom in and out by default I found a bit annoying, I need to check how to switch this « feature » off.

  9. @icestriker777 I made a Blogspot account! Check the description. I’m gonna mix in some Vimeo tutorials into that also to give people an incentive to follow me on there :D

  10. i think a website would be a great idea, i know i was messing around with something called blogster and you can basically make your own web page there:

    blogger,com  take out the comma and put a .

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