Awaken Me – Guitar Tutorial w/ Jeffrey Kunde

This is a guitar tutorial with Jeffrey Kunde. In this video Jeffrey goes over all of his lead guitar parts from the song Awaken Me. Awaken Me is from Jesus Culture’s new album – Awakening Live From Chicago. For a list of Jeffrey’s gear please visit
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25 réflexions au sujet de « Awaken Me – Guitar Tutorial w/ Jeffrey Kunde »

  1. I like how Jeffrey said, the chorus part is a little hard, but I think you can get it after that stupid fast picking/hammer/pull off part. yeah… I think we can handle the chorus part… pretty easily.

  2. I want to play like this! ah man. you guys should have drum vids if you dont i play the drums at my church, want to learn to play guitar though.

  3. Love you guys… My dream is to have a worship band that has the guitarist skills of a Yngwie Malmsteen, the bassist skills of a Bill Dickens, and the drumming skills of a Neil Peart. That would be powerful prophecy thruough music!

  4. Did you use the SG on the record? I saw the tele on a video from the conference, but I figure you may have retracked stuff. Sweet parts man! Love that hook!

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