Rochester IT – SEO Factors for 2011 The year 2010 can be summed up as a year of many new things in the world of search marketing. We saw the introduction of Google Instant, Google Caffeine, Google SERP revisions to marry organic and local listings, and the Bing index merger to name a few…. We listened and paid heed to the wise words of Google when they said page load time would be the new ranking factor taken into consideration in 2010. Now, we’re ramping up for 2011 and many are probably beginning to scratch their heads and wonder what to focus on this year for Google. We shouldn’t ignore Bing or Yahoo, but with Google’s current market share, it’s a good idea to adjust fire for Google and hope that Bing lends a favorable eye. The easiest way to get a jumpstart on what Google wants us to do is to take into consideration the subliminal messages they’re sending us. Google doesn’t provide cool new features in Webmaster Tools, Analytics, and the SERPs because they want to make a webmaster’s day. This is for their benefit as well. Let’s look at what Google is giving us now and what we should take from it.

Felicidades en nombre de nuestra Coordinadora Abog. Avelin Chirinos Lcda. Merlin Lira Productora de Medios Alternativos TSU Edward Medina Webmaster, edición y montaje. y la gran familia Aldea Chávez deseamos un feliz día y ¡Que viva el amor!
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