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EPISODE 8 | This is My Chance! SOVEREIGN WEBSITE | www.wix.com NGA FORUMS | ngasource.b1.jcink.com CO-ANIMATOR | MapleTheory COVER ARTIST | ShikixP, ink-cap.deviantart.com LOGO DESIGN | MapleTheory SPRITE TEAM | Cuti3n3rdx, DinorawrRawr1056, donteatmypiexD, Karasu! SPECIAL THANKS | NGA, and my wonderful family — you know who you are! *OMG sorry about the awkward scene transitions. I had to deal with over 10 re-renders trying to get this to work and the transitions failed. SORRYY It’s been a long and difficult year for the three novices of Sovereign, but it is now time for them to take their final exam to become official members of the guild. Laura offers them a chance to take the exam together or alone. Surprisingly, Shaun is determined to do this himself. Is that a good idea? Happy Sovereign anniversarry in 3 days! (March 6th) The focus of this episode is on Shaun’s battle, so you’ll notice how much less effort I put into the rest of the scenes, LOL. But thank you everyone for watchig my Livestreams and supporting me! Next episode is the season finale for Season 1 of Sovereign! I hope you’re ready for an epic finale… (Season 2 is where all the fun, drama, and intensity begins!) *****END THEME MUSIC IN IN CREDITS!!! Please don’t post the song name in your comments. Other side notes if you’re really interested: -There is a significance in Winnie’s sword glint. -Kyle is extremely skilled in energy control that he doesn’t even need to use a weapon. Shaun loses his wand
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  1. This Series was B E A UTIFUL:D I hope you make more cause your series our my favorite I am gonna try to make a series soon.. I hope you can check them out if i get around to do it:)

  2. seriously i love your videos. i remembered watching them from khaini series. and i loved them ever since. keep up the great work, michelle!

  3. I was just wondering.
    I remember reading the comments on one of your previous episodes.
    It says you are planning on having 9 episodes for this season I believe and just wondering.
    Does episode 5.5 & 5 count together as one and if not, this would be the last episode of this season I guess?
    Just wondering! :’D

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