Tutorial: editar, diseñar tu pagina web 3° parte

este video es para edita o diseñar tu pagina web el 1°:www.youtube.com 2°:www.youtube.com 4°:www.youtube.com recuerda suscribirse por favor recuerden entrar en nuestra pagina oficial:tutorialessa.es.tl
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www.youtube.com www.naio.co.uk www.facebook.com Reply with a video response or upload your photos to our facebook and show us your designs! Subscribe to our channel to ensure you don’t miss a tutorial. View our full product range on our website to ensure you have all the products you need to recreate this fabulous look for yourself. In this Video Gemma Lambert and Naio Nails show us how to create a stunning UV gel ripple nail design. Follow this instructional video and with Naio Nails products, YOU can create this fantastic acrylic nail art design.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

13 réflexions au sujet de « Tutorial: editar, diseñar tu pagina web 3° parte »

  1. i’ve tryed both girl but i like working with acrylic. it is much faster to work with acrylic but gel does look a bit more natural.

  2. I luv your videos :) I want to do my own gel at home, I have clear builder gel and reg clear gel at home, what else do I need to do gel nails on myself? I also have cleanser, a brush, buffer and topcoat…thanx

  3. Do you prefer pink acrylic powder or blush pink acrylic powder? What is the difference between them? Thanks for your beautiful and useful videos! :)

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