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Code: Learn an efficient way to handle Javascript disabled users and keep your code slim as possible. Create normal neat and clean easy to manage pages in your Javascript heavy website by supplying fallback content in the way of an alternate page for the few oddballs or automated software that does not process Javascript.
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  1. ADAM is the MAN! Let your haters be your motivators! Or Don’t listen to those ass holes! I have enjoyed your videos and they have taught me more about programming than any other source. Just so you know some of us love what you’re doing and for some of us we even get a warm feeling deep down when we watch lol for real you Rock Thank you!!!! all your haters can SUCK IT

  2. This tip is mainly for people who have jQuery sliding or fade-in pages, they especially need to have fallback content. If you use Javascript to deliver or animate any text content, this is for you. Many people today use Javascript to animate whole pages into view. That is the issue… HTML and CSS is fine.

  3. @think2go – Some people browse the entire web without Javascript on for security. Browsers are getting better about warning you about malicious javascript though. I can place certain Javascript in my site pages that can attempt to attack your computer. Plus some bots do not fully process Javascript presented content so that alone is reason enough to create fallback content. I am offering this tip to those of us that have Javascript sliding or fading pages that will not be apparent as HTML CSS.

  4. @Remi1115 – I think perhaps you are missing the point of the method shown in the video. You do not instruct the user or bot to do anything, just redirect them to a very text + link rich version of your content using the method. If you just place a DIV and message, that is all the content they get. Refresh them over to a very plain text version, no pics, no CSS, no javascript. Or make a site like mine where content gets delivered regardless.

  5. Nice video. But what will happen with Google bots? They don’t have Javascript enabled I think.
    Maybe you can make a small Div in the Noscript tag with a message that says you need to enable Javascript. You can put CSS on it so it fills the hole screen (And have a half transparent black background maybe).
    (Sorry for my bad English).

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