Snoopy and Woodstock Nails

Snoopy is a cool dude! A short while ago someone asked if I could paint Snoopy nails and I totally did. If there was one thing I would actually READ when I was a child, it was the Snoopy comics. Awesome. This design is sooo much easier than it looks. For the thumb and pinky you could paint butterflies or just leave them with the pink sparkle :D Hope you loves it xx mwah xx Site where I get my brushes and fake hand: Come Join me on Facebook! Come read my super-exciting scandalously colourful blog: **DISCLAIMER** Everything in this video is mine and I made it because I felt like it. No sponsors or sellouts involved here. The creepy hand will not jump out of the screen and strangle you so there’s no need to be scared. Music Credits: Song Name: Rhastafarian Music composed and provided by Jason Shaw @ audionautix Website:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Oh My Goodness!!! Snoppy n Woodstock!! This is so cute!! love them!!! i actually just bought Woodstock 2 weeks ago and when you squeeze him,he plays theme song-piano one!!! thumbs up Beth!!

  2. It took me awhile to realize you were using a fake hand lol. Could you do a Winnie the pooh nail tutorial? If you could get piglet on it that would be great ;)

  3. when i first saw the pic on this vid i was like O.O SHE CUT HER NAILLSSS! and well thanks god it was the fake hand :) i love ur nail designss! <333

  4. Awesome ! likened to the brief ! Brill art work,can’t wait for the next ( not sure about the fake hand ! ). But Snoopy one of my fav’s and Woodstock, well ! Need we say more apart from Glastonbury,Reading,Cambridge and The Isle Of wight,get the idea ! Oh what a 2012 it’s going to be apart from Glastonbury ! See you at one I’m sure !!!! Best wishes x

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