Sculpting Car Interior Dash with Chavant Y2-Klay – Bailey Blade XTR – Part 69

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25 réflexions au sujet de « Sculpting Car Interior Dash with Chavant Y2-Klay – Bailey Blade XTR – Part 69 »

  1. @ukcdav1 OK cool, yeah that’s how I am working with the clay, its a very soft putty that I smear around with my palm and using a knuckle technique that I learnt from YouTube. LOL. My oven keeps the temp pretty consistent I have a thermometer in there that shows it between 140 and 150.

  2. @djnevous3us Yeah I have seen that guy also. He uses a different type CM-70 I believe. But its close. He does a lot of Horror mask and a cool Terminator 2 sculpture.

  3. If its right temp its just like a realy soft clay then you kind of nead it in with the palm of your hand trying to keep all the air bubbles out, if its almost molted on the out side then you may be just to hot, a small oven is hard to keep te right temperature that low down but 140-150F is about right….

  4. @BaileyBlade yea true it would & it is expensive i wanted 2 do somethin like yr doin. i saw this guy that makes masks on youtube i think he uses the type of clay u use but he melts it in a pot

  5. @ukcdav1 Yeah it burns but I think my hands have gotten used to the temperature. When I pick it up its almost a liquid state. Also the Y2-Klay has a lower melt point than the CM-70. When you did your dash, did you pour it on or was it more like a super soft play-doh.

  6. @djnevous3us Yeah thanks man, In the auto industry the professionals use a kind of super expensive clay warmer that holds 50 to 100 bars of clay so the toaster over seems like the best thing to use.

  7. @miniUMM Yeah after I get everything designed then I will do a temporary mold of the dash and make a new fiberglass part, make any changes needed then sand and finish until its perfect. Then I will have to make another Master Mold for making the final dash components.

  8. @djnevous3us Tried a microwave, and it just melted the outside. Also if there are any air pockets then you have exploding clay. = in the dog House and upset wife.

  9. Hi Hun can i borrow the toaster oven….(NO)
    Next day.!
    Hun i bought you a new toaster over….(YOUR SO SWEET)
    I will just take the old one out and through it in the bin for you….LMAO

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