Real Deal Dance Web Design Tutorial: Embed Video This video is for customers of RealDealDanceWebsites and shows them how to embed a video file on their site.
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This is my fourth tutorial video on the new YouTube Channel & Homepage Layout. I’m aware that YouTube has upgrading their ‘Video Manager’ and ‘Uploading Page’ as well. I will be going back to the uploading videos onto YouTube in the near future. I know YouTube has changed their layouts before, going back a few years ago with the ‘current’ channel design. I will be showing you the new features to the new layout and many more. If you were wondering what program I’m using to record my computer screen. I’m using Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture. The link is provided below along with a video if you get stuck. Video: (Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture) Download Link: I will be doing another tutorial video for the new ‘Uploading Page’ and ‘Video Manager’ soon. ___ Steam: Twitter: @Chris_IEC Facebook:

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