HTML5 Game Development Tutorial 3 – Displaying the canvas

This is the third tutorial in my HTML5 game development series! If you guys don’t know javascript or html, I recommend going to thenewboston’s channel and watching his tutorials Website: Twitter Minus:

Crèacion de pagina web HTML – Tutorial – Parte 1 de 16

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  1. @xnecromagex It could be as simple as a little spelling error possibly. Have you checked the files that I have posted on Minus? Make sure that they look as close to possible as your files do, otherwise send me a message and we will try to figure it out. Here’s the link to my Minus profile >

  2. @XiverLP Thanks for the question. Did you make sure that the index.html file is exactly the same as mine? The problem might be in the html file, otherwise in your Game.js file, you may have the same code as mine, but did you move anything around? For example, move one piece of code to a different line? That could cause the problem as well if things are in the wrong order in certain cases. Let me know if you fix it!

  3. In My Game.js i have the same Code Like You but i became no White Canvas(?) Im on Xubuntu and I Use Chromium(I Think it’s same like Google Chrome) What can i do?

  4. @gyrostorms yes, I took a course on Java, and I thought that it would be the same as Javascript, but i guess it’s not. Another language to learn now :)

  5. @hirshagarwal thats good! I have to point this out though… « Java » is not the same as « JavaScript ». They are 2 very different coding languages lol

  6. @hirshagarwal Java or JavaScript**? Lol, if you try to link a java file to a webpage I don’t know what would happen. Make sure your JavaScript file has an extension of « .js ». Also, check my files on Minus to see if they look EXACTLY the same as yours. Hopefully this helps! 

  7. Hi, I love these tutorials, but I am having one problem. My java file is not being loaded from the html file. I can’t see any reason why not, but they are somehow not linked. I have everything the exact same way you do. Can you please help?

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