essie smooth sailing with purple flower design: robin moses nail art tutorial FNORD 346

(found in the floral playlist) all questions can be seen in my « about me » section and in the « faq playlist »…this is a pretty design and i hope you love it and try it and share it along. please always say inspired by robin moses or any other artist you copy. :) my love and thanks..find me in links below. AND GIRLS WHO ARE NEW TO ME!!!—-BECOME MY FAN HERE (it takes only is so important to me)
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25 réflexions au sujet de « essie smooth sailing with purple flower design: robin moses nail art tutorial FNORD 346 »

  1. **whisper whisper** …No I only have the Hercules dishes! WHAAAT?!!! lmao I feel like I’m missing out on so much excitement I need to develop technology that lets me climb into the video through my computer screen.
    I LOVE this. Faved. Rachel will be checking them out when she comes home for nail painting saturday. YAY!
    <3 <3

  2. @NataschaLouise it is comments like this that keep me going because today was a very very hard day. thank you for helping me…it is very hard getting these out all alone :) *huge hug*

  3. Love this design..I will have to try it!! You are so inspirational :) IOver the years I have looked at alot of nail tutorials online and now I have found your site I need look no more!! Thank you for sharing and as always I will spread the word

  4. @JaeMarie2008 jae!! its so good to see you :) the camera quality of this is so awful…i didnt notice before and now i totally notice..haha! i hope you had a happy new year.. :) i have been so so sick with the flu and it was nice to see you here :D *huge hug*

  5. @ViktoriusME YEAHHHH!!!! ME TOO!!! my favorite is the muses…i have to eat certain things on certain dishes etc…..its realllllly creepy, but true :) hahahahahaha

  6. @DeliciosaCriatura i do not like painting my own nails…i am very busy and have no time to paint my nails and……when i do, i have nowhere to go but work. spread the word so i can go out and paint my nails :D

  7. @pagemcnally thank you so much! what a nice comment :) *Huge hug* my love to you! I have hercules written down..he is my favorite as you know from this video…LOLOL…..laughing!!!!!

  8. OH MY WORD, WIll you do a hurculese inspired nail? It doesnt need to have the cartoon, just something along those lines. lol your comment about hurcules just made me think about it. I love your designs, theyre by far the shinning star on youtube. If I lived near you Id go to you. Your so talented!!!

  9. Subtle, yet pretty. I like the fact that they are jean friendly, I too change my nail art at least 2x a week because I want to try so many of the tutorial ideas! Keep ‘em coming, Robin! ox

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