Speed Art | « Music App » by Malcov

–READ– –Project Description/Story– Hey guys, Kurt here again and today I have a new speed art for you guys :) I was browsing DeviantArt the other day and I saw that people were designing some Apps and stuff like that so I decided to try and do my own one. I wasn’t gonna record this at first but what the hell right? :P I also re-used the HTC that I had made back in last October to kind of show how the App would like. I hope that you guys like it :) Final Image on DeviantART: malcov.deviantart.com –My Networks– Website: www.kjfarrugia.com Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com DeviantART: malcov.deviantart.com GraphicsHeart: www.youtube.com –Music– Uppermost – Futur
Video Rating: 4 / 5

THEME & CODE: goo.gl I continue showing how I design websites in this video tutorial. I really focus in on how to correct errors in a web design. I look for errors using the Developer Tools inside of Google Chrome. I also show you how I make a site work in Internet Explorer

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  1. Im pretty sure that some bigger company will use this kind of design for their next app :) great vid, totaly love it ! Ghosts n Stuff <3 :) is it like copyrighted that no one else isnt allowed to do the same kind of speedart, id like to try at least :P ur the best , LIKE !

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  3. @derekbanas Thanks, but i did make it in dreamweaver. I meant how to add it in one « slice » of my already made website. Like importing it into index.html of my website.

  4. @TheFLeXArts I’m glad you like them :) You would create the Coda Slider in Dreamweaver in the same way as I did in the text editor. Dreamweaver really is just a fancy text editor. I show you how to edit the coda slider in the tutorial series called Make Featured Content Slider. It’s on my YouTube Channel. To make the buttons images, just put an image in as a background. I hope that helps

  5. hey man, love your videos, but could you make a tutorial on how to insert a coda slider into a website in dreamweaver? and change left and right buttons to custom ones please. Thanks a lot, comment or pm me.

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