Is Multimedia Webdesign A Waste Of Time & Money?

Top analyst slams Adobe over expected expensive changes to Creative Suite upgrade policy Standard Rates For Graphic Design The services of most graphic designers can also be calculated in hours. For instance the standard rates for basic graphic design are approximately $ 80 per hour, for custom graphic design 0 per hour, for 3-D graphic design 0 per hour, and for prepress correction and graphic adjustments $ 80 per hour. Such types of calculation have greatly simplified the rate and cost problems of designing projects, as the designer is getting paid rationally if a certain project requires more time. Similarly, a client can give work in contracts that are based on hours…. Of course that’s all bullshit, because if you do go to school for graphic design, the chances that you’ll be employed are very small and thus, expect to work for free and then compete against people that will work for next to nothing. While your busy not making money as a designer, please upgrade your computer skills, your computer and your software, then work on a portfolio that will need updates every week, while your not making a living as a designer. Also, please check with your career counselors to look at placement statistics and ask for references of students that have either found jobs or examples of opportunities where students were placed into internships. Most schools will not provide this information, so please find students that are already enrolled in
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