PLEASE CHECK THE DESCRIPTION FOR THE EXPLANATION. Java software is used to create and display interactive and animated web content on your computer. It can be used for many different purposes, including online games and animated videos, as well as for more important things, such as financial programs. But it does not come automatically with Windows Vista. Before it can be used, it must first be installed and activated. Instructions : • Go to to download Java to your computer (see Resources below). • 2 Click « Do I have Java? » and « Verify Installation » to make sure that you do not already have Java installed on your computer. • 3 Click « All Java Downloads. » • 4 Select Java for Windows Vista and determine whether you want the online version or the offline version. The offline version of Java takes up approximately 6 more megabytes than the online version on your hard drive. • 5 Reset your computer if prompted to do so. Rebooting may be necessary in order for Java installation to take effect. Activate Java • 1 Go to « Tools » and then « Internet Options » in Internet Explorer. • 2 Click on the tab labeled « Advanced. » • 3 Look for the « Java » section in the Settings list. If it is not there, Java most likely has not been installed correctly. • 4 Select the option under Java to enable the software. Then click « OK. » • 5 De-select the option to disable Java. Use and Update Java • 1 Use Java software by visiting websites that employ Java features in their design. Java software

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