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  1. I made the switch to natural products this year :)
    After knowing what ingredients are, I can’t go back to nasty filled cosmetics.
    Alima Pure have amazing blushes

  2. Im glad you did an intro & explanation to the blog sale ^_^ cuuuute stuff I love what I got from you I’m actually gonna use it for Xmas presents! Can you tell me how u use the tarte blushes, because they are clay right? I don’t do well with non powder -_- I’m noobish! Ps congrats on 100videos!!!!

  3. Holy moly, 100 vids!? You’re awesome. I would be the same way and have a really hard time getting rid of stuff that I had been wanting for so long. You are doing great with your transition.

  4. Great video, coming to the East Coast for the Holidays? Have a safe trip, I wish I was going out west. I love the tarte Amazon Clay Blushes, I think I have 13 now, who needs that many blushes?! XO

  5. @lakeis3 I think you might’ve misheard me? The elf and NYX blushes DON’T have parabens, and the Avon and PF blushes DO have parabens.
    I’m keeping some items with questionable ingredients because I don’t want to throw all of my makeup away. Sorry if this was confusing.

  6. congrats on reaching 100 vids! that is uh-mazing girl. so proud of you. we need to celebrate. probably after the holidays. what you doing anyhow? hope all is well. xoxo.

  7. Great vid! I think it’s great that you’re having awareness to ingredients that get put into cosmetics when they don’t have to at all! I personally enjoy Everyday Minerals’ products.

  8. I am really baffled by this video!!
    You say that you are getting rid of your mineral based Avon blushes which only contain TWO parabens and NO talc but opt to keep your E.L.F, NARS and NYX blushes which contain THREE types of parabens AND talc along with other « questionable » ingredients?! It makes no sense!.

    I hope your other viewers are savvy enough to research ingredients for themselves and are not scared away from Physician’s Formula and Avon because of this HIGHLY contradictory video.

  9. I love natural/organic makeup as well. I just have to be careful when purchasing items cause companies that put organic or natural in their products are just a marketing scam. I’ve been really loving Cheeky Cosmetics, it is all natural, vegan, some organic ingredients in them, and are handmade. I really recommend it, plus its affordable. The only thing is it’s only available through the web.

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