« fonts » how to increase « smoothness » « tutorial »

How to increase the visual appearance of « fonts » whilst undertaking « web design » projects

Due to popular demand, hosts Jose Caballer (@josecaballer) and Aure Gimon (@aurepa) take us through an all Sink Or Swim episode! We’ll review and two new sites to see if they pass the Sink Or Swim test, and then dive into how to improve the sites’ form and function. Then the team checks in on HorsePowerCalculators.net, a previous Sink Or Swim contender, to see how they’ve implemented the feedback Aure gave back in Episode 41. After that, Jose and Aure choose one of the sites to redesign the home page live
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  1. Like for instance, I think Aure should go back and re-learn best practices for logo design, but his grid and layout skills are A+++. Some designers need to go back and relearn how to use typography or some need to take a course in color theory but their layout skills are spot on. So give a sink or swim but then also a « Learn more color theory ».

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  3. Hey guys, great episode except for the audio and lighting. What might help when you do sink or swim is let the designer know what they should « Learn more about » to help them tighten up their skills. …. (cont.)

  4. @nuclearhappines Excellent job! The team is stoked to see you taking the steps to improve your site – Jose was pretty surprised to find out you had done the entire change on your own.

  5. I didn’t screenshoot the video :)  … I sourced resources that were close enough to Aure’s vision: A new wordpress theme (but I had to move the nav up inline with the logo) , a font from dafont (which i used to create the logo), illustrations for the 3 entry points …etc … another iteration coming soon … so it’s not an exact replica … it’s more ‘inspired by’ at this point…

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