How to insert image in photoshop on top of the background?

Question by .: How to insert image in photoshop on top of the background?

I am trying to insert a image on my photoshop document’s background but everytime, the image becomes the background. I have tried to create a layer on the background and then insert my picture but I get the same result. Does anyone have an idea? I am very new with Photoshop 7.0 but I have to create a newsletter for work!! Thanks in advance!

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Answer by elimark1611
try opening both pictures at once use the selection tool and selesct the whole picture ctrl + c than ctrl + p on the other image than ctrl + t and resize to fit

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  1. Open the image you want. Select > All; Edit > Copy; File > New; Edit > Paste.

    This will paste the image you opened into a new file where the picture you want will be layer 1. The background layer will either be white, transparent (white and grey checkerboard), or the background color on your toolbox.

  2. When you copy and paste a new element into a Photoshop document, it will automatically create a new « layer » for the object. To manage the layers, go to Window > Layers. You can control which layer is on top of the other by clicking on the layer and dragging it above or below the other layers. You can also work on each layer independently untill the image is flattened into one. I would suggest saving an EPS version (it will save the layers in tact) and one as a JPG (with it flattened).

    To flatten the layers to Layer > Flatten Image.

    Also, make sure you are woking in RBG not LAB mode. Go under Image > Mode > RBG.

  3. If you are creating a newsletter I would suggest something else other than Photoshop. Photoshop is great for editing photos, but is is not the best application to be building a newsletter.

    For the newsletter building you would be looking at Adobe InDesign (formerly called PageMaker), QuarkXpress or Microsoft Publisher.

    But it looks like your issue with Photoshop is understanding how layers work. You can learn more about layers here:

    Basically to solve your problem with Photoshop you would create a new layer (Layer > New > Layer) place your new image in that layer, and then at the end you can flatten your image (Layer > Flatten Image) and it will all be one piece.

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