How do you put two different pictures together on photoshop?

Question by Nowee: How do you put two different pictures together on photoshop?
Can someone give me the steps like a walkthrough. I’m trying to put my picture, and my friends picture and just join it together. I have photoshop but I haven’t really used it. I heard someone say layers, but I can’t figure it out. Walk-through please.

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Answer by Tawnee T
depends on what version you have. i have 7, and what i do is i highlight the pic (select all if you have trouble) and hit paste as new layer. there’s a chart on the side too, so you can controll the transparency levels of each image.

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  1. Listen, there is no simple way to tell you if you « haven’t really used it ». Photoshop can do many things that require many steps. This would mean that you would have to learn about them all. Telling you just about layers would be a book of it self.

    Listen, best advice I can give you is to head out to Itunes and download the free photoshop video tutorials. Go to Itunes and head out to the store and search for « photoshop ». Select PODCASTS and download away. This would give you an idea of what photoshop can do. Immitate what you see in the videos. Soon, you will learn what photoshop can do…..and thats the key to being a pro. Its like having a magic wand and not knowing what to do with it.

    That or find a cute nerdy photoshop guy who can teach you.

    Good Luck.

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