How do you mix two pictures together without using Photoshop?

Question by Katie: How do you mix two pictures together without using Photoshop?
Like, if you have a picture of someone and you want to cut a picture of yourself out and put it with the person in the picture. Can you do that any other way without using Photoshop?

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Answer by Erica M
MS Paint

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  1. You can combine to photos with Screen Dash. Its the only photo editor that can take screenshots, do paint and photo editing, and host images. Thus, you can share images with your friends and family. Its free, easy to use, and provides very professional photo editing.

  2. I’d recommend IrfanView, its an easy and lightweight download only like 2.3mb…and has dones of options on how to edit your picture

    as well as what you want to do crop…

    its great, i love it….not as great as PS but thats why PS cost soo much

    go to

    turn on all the options so irfan will open images, you can but you don’t have too

    so get on ifran
    open your image, hold down the left mouse button and crop out anything you don’t want

    and then go to edit up at the top and click crop and BAM

    hopefully that helped

    MS paint is to hard to do it

    email me if your confused…


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