How do you download brushes from the web to photoshop?

Question by Paige: How do you download brushes from the web to photoshop?
I have photoshop elements 7 and i dont know how to get the brushes i’ve downloaded from the web to my brushes file. Any help?

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Answer by Cole45
Place the *.abr files into:
C: Drive\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop X\Presets\Brushes where X is the version number for your version of Photoshop.

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  1. If you downloaded them and they have the ZIP extension you need to extract the file inside of it first (just double click on the file and another file inside of it will show up, and drag the file inside to a different folder in your computer, for example ‘My Documents’.

    Once you know where you file with the extension ABR is, go to the Editor in Photoshop Elements and click on the brush tool.

    On top, in the options bar, now you have a little white box with a sample of the brush you have selected, click on the arrow pointing down next to it and you will get a new dialog box with pictures of different brushes. On the right of this box you will find two arrows pointing to the right, click on them and you will have a new menu. In this new menu click on ‘Load Brushes’ at the bottom and browse to the location where you have placed the original ABR file and double click on the file name.

    Now the brushes you downloaded will be displayed in the little menu and anytime you want to change to a different brush from that « collection » just click on the arrow down.

    To go back to the original brushes just repeat the above steps except for instead of clicking on ‘Load Brushes’ you would click ‘Reset Brushes’

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