How do you crop an image to the exact pixels needed in Photoshop?

Question by David S: How do you crop an image to the exact pixels needed in Photoshop?
I’m trying to take a large image and crop it. In Photoshop they like to use the units inches or pixels per inch when cropping, but I already know exactly the number of pixels the image needs to be.

Does anyone know how to crop an image to an exact number of pixels using Photoshop?

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Answer by Dude
I’m using Photoshop CS4 and the crop tool has evolved to an easy access feature that allows you to do just that. I’m not sure about the earlier versions and if that have that… but I do have a unique solution that will do exactly what you are looking for.

It might be a bit confusing and with unnecessary steps, but this is a fail-proof way to do what you are looking for regardless of earlier versions, since I don’t have any earlier versions to test what features they have.

1. Open a new project with the exact dimensions that you are looking for
2. Drag in your picture into that project… zoom out if necessary…
3. Then with the move tool, shrink/move it around the project until only the desired section shows.

Not as simple as the handy CS4 evolved crop tool, but it will do exactly that.

Cheers :)

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