How do you create objects look metallic silver in photoshop?

Question by question: How do you create objects look metallic silver in photoshop?
I have always envied the new apple logo. Does anybody know how to make an object look metallic silver (that shines) like the apple logo on photoshop?

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Answer by ^_^ vinh le ^_^
I found some tutorials

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  1. you can start with the Translucent Glass « style » applied to Shape Layers … via the Rounded Rectangle or Ellipse Tool, etc. play with the effects. it will require that and a long careful study to get the look you envy. honestly, i think it was probably photographed or created in a 3D graphics environment.

    at the end of the day, Apple’s logo should give cause for envy, because Apple defines style for not only personal electronics, but for commercial design in general.

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