How did the invention of Photoshop impact society?

Question by Samijo: How did the invention of Photoshop impact society?
I have a multi-media presentation project to do for my history class and we have to pick a person who impacted society. I was going to do either the inventor of photoshop or the inventor of youtube. But for now I just want some ideas on how PHOTOSHOP impacted society. I need to show at least three ways so If anyone has any ideas please help me out.

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Answer by Adrista
1. It’s created an illusion or alternate reality of what true beauty is by extreme photo editing.
2. It creates a strong sense of lowered self confidence, pressuring people to alter their looks.
3. It causes us to question what’s real and what’s not, causing our brains to go haywire.
4. It encourages the idea of being fake, graphically and cosmetically altered.

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