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*Simply giving this video a ‘Like’ helps my channel grow :) My DeviantART: Enhancing Preset Download Soft Colour Preset Download: Soft Colour Tutorial: In this tutorial I’ll be covering the basic sliders in Adobe Lightroom and showing how you can use Lightroom to enhance the colours and details within your photos. I hope this is helpful and you all enjoy the tutorial :) Thanks.
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  1. @hicks003 Hey, they’re just a really basic setup from the program ‘Rainmeter’. If you look it up on Google you should find quite a bit on it :)

  2. I know this is not about the tutorial but… please ¿where did you get that system gadgets for the desktop?

    thanks for your videos :)

  3. @ThMa0 If you click the first link in the description, my camera and lenses are listed just below my avatar picture :) And thank you.

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