How to add a rainbow in pictures in Photoshop?

Don’t forget to check out our site for more free how-to videos! If you want to create a magical scenery and add essence to your landscape image, then you can certainly make use of the rainbow effect. With basic image manipulation techniques you can add a realistic effect to your image. To create a rainbow in Photoshop you would be using the gradient tool as the basis for the whole effect, adding colors to your imagery. Follow the step by step guide to learn how to add a rainbow in pictures in Photoshop. Step # 1 — Open an Image In the first step, launch Adobe Photoshop and load an image on which you want to create a rainbow effect. Choose a landscape image with a beautiful scenery. An image with a clear blue sky would be preferred for this effect. With such an image you can make a more realistic effect on Photoshop. Step # 2 — Choose a Rainbow Gradient Now add a new layer and change its name to « Rainbow ». Once done, select the « Gradient » tool from the menu which is available at the left corner of the screen. After selecting it, click on the « Gradient Editor » option and select the « Russell’s Rainbow » option from the menu. After selecting this, click on the « OK » button to continue. Step # 3 — Apply a Rainbow Gradient Select the « Radial » gradient option from the menu and draw a straight line from right side to the left side of the image by holding the « Shift » key on the keyboard and dragging the cursor. This will create a rainbow gradient over the image
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