VLOG: February 21st 2012.  » Photoshop This! »

Suggestion, watch this full-screen :) Adjustment in what I’ve said in this video  » I said I used PSP around 1993, but actually I started to use photoshop around 1999 with version 5 ,nowadays i still use CS5  » My Facebook: www.facebook.com A brief History of Adobe Photoshop: Photoshop Timeline will 1999. 1987 Thomas Knoll begins writing graphics subroutines on a Mac Plus. 1987 Thomas teams up with his brother John and combines these subroutines into an app. called « Display. » 1988 Refined version of Display becomes « ImagePro. » 1989 BarneyScan licenses the application to bundle with their slide scanner. About 200 copies are shipped. 1989 Adobe strikes a deal to license what becomes known as Photoshop. They begin 10 months of product development. 1990 Photoshop 1.0 ships in February. 1990 Version 2.0, code name « Fast Eddy, » ships in the fall. 1993 Version 2.5.1 is released. One of the first apps to run native on a PowerPC chip. Also first release of Windows version (April, 93). —- 1994 Version 3.0 ships with the « Layers » capability. 1996 Version 4.0 ships. Controversial key commands are changed. 1998 Version 5.0, which includes the « History »palette, ships. 1999 Version 5.5 ships: the first true « web ready » version of the application.
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