Postpro avanzada – Retratos – parte 4

Tutorial o demostración de mi flujo de trabajo en lightroom y photoshop para retratos. Contraste avanzado, canales RGB y canales alpha. Resultado final:

Please like, favorite and/or subscribe if possible – thanks! I had full intentions to create some artwork in Adobe Illustrator using the blend tool a bit more. Instead, I use it a little and throw in the towel and head back to photoshop. I like how the end artwork came out, but have no idea what to call it… any suggestions? Also, if you know of any good illustrator gradient mesh or blend tutorials… I’m all ears! Thanks! Follow me on twitter:

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  1. I also experimented a bit with the blend tool and u can have some neat looking effects when drawing 2 spirals with the spiral tool (under the line tool) , 2 different colours and 2 sizes.
    Blend them and u get some shapes looking like flowers. But i think you did a good job combining the blend tool in illustrator with shading effects in photoshop.
    Keep it up Evan ;)
    Kind regards,
    Mister Magic

  2. @L96A1xPrecision Thanks! is the teacher and student version different then the main one?i cant afford the full one yet im sill saving up but i can buythe student version. please tell me if you no.

  3. Im wondering what version of adobe photoshop you use? just got in to all this desinging stuff and Im looking to upgrade to a newer version and i was wondering what u think is best. i have cs4. anyone please respond telling me the newest and best adobe photoshop please and thanks!

  4. well it is certainly something..
    But it is very interesting, I guess if you kept experimenting you would come up with something far more exciting. Because this stuff have some potential.

  5. I like your work, u have a great feel of graphic design which I still need to learn cuz I’ve worked with PS for a while but only stayed on the signature/web graphic which I like but I want to learn more, I wish u could do more tutorials

  6. Yet you’ve amazed with another creative, interesting and original style!
    For some reason these names keep popping in my mind:
    « Phantom illusions »
    « Dimensional form »
    « Parallel Futurism »
    « Astral Spectrum » (Thank you Aaronitmar)
    « Apparition lining »
    Btw. In my opinion the triangle object doesn’t really fit in with whole artwork but overall amazing technique and work! :D

  7. Hey Evan I love your art work they always look so great! But I was wondering are you still gonna do the retro futurism tutorial cause I just love that style and really wanna learn how to do it!

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