Patterns and Textures | Photoshop Tutorial

This is a cool beginners tutorial! ENJOY! IGNORE: Speed art graffiti GFX Pack Graphics pack Photoshop brushes Fonts Dafont HDRI Light Maps Cinema 4D After Effects C4D AAE Speed Art Ep.1 « high quality » editing tutorial Tutorials Maxon Adobe Final Cut Express Apple Mac 3D Motion Design « graphics software » « animation short » « animation art » Attractor Object Test Render FInal Cutt Studio 12obot I2obot l2obot robotfx graphic fx gfx robotgfx cheats notebook hacks « after effects » animated cartoon logo showreel original3media original 3 media 3d purple retro

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  1. Hello I have a question. I making a repeating pattern but making my picture smaller (from 600×600 to 150×150) blurred the borders of the image so now it looks like they’re all in a square. Any way to solve this?

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