How To Install Joomla with RocketLauncher in under 10 Minutes!

Check out this site for more In this beginner tutorial you will learn the steps for installing Joomla using RocketTheme’s RocketLauncher on your server. This type of Joomla installation uses cPanel and the RocketLauncher package including a built-in template and sample data set plus Joomla addon modules, plugins and components. This method will allow you to install Joomla easily and quickly so you can spend your time building a great Joomla website. See other free videos that provide an overview and introduction to the services that are available at Also receive special discounts and coupons for the RocketTheme Joomla Template Club that features over 80 Professional Styles and Themes. Joomla is the leading Open Source Content Management System (CMS) for publishing content on the Internet. Joomla is often compared to Drupal and WordPress content management systems and is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced website owners.
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Check out this website for premium Joomla! training Joomla – How to Upload Pictures to a Photo Gallery Using Phoca Gallary. Check out this site for more
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